Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to my Education 4320 blog!

Welcome to my blog! Through the use of this medium, I hope to discuss current issues surrounding education and to critically analyze and discuss these issues from a sociological perspective. Discussions will be based around (1) readings from the textbook used for my Education & Society course, Sociology of Education: an Introductory View from Canada by Joyce Barakett and Ailie Cleghorn, (2) lectures and discussions experienced in said course, (3) scholarly journal articles applicable to the topic of education and society, (4) current education-related news items, (5) presentations attended during the semester, and (6) other blogs and web-pages pertaining to this topic.

A little bit about my background: I am completing my fifth and final year at the University of Lethbridge. In spring of 2010, I will graduate with a combined degree in the Social Sciences and Social Studies Education. That being said, I have had some experience with sociology before. Through my pre-professional courses, I have studied deviance, conformity and social control, mass communications, religion, social psychology, and risk from a sociological perspective in addition to completing a general introductory sociology course. Because I am an education student, I felt that studying education from a sociological perspective seemed like the next logical step. Through my on campus and practical experience within the Education Faculty, I have heard of and experienced many important issues regarding the education system, teachers, students, parents, the community’s view, and so on. I hope to use this course and assignment as an opportunity to further my knowledge and understanding of the topic, and also to develop my own opinions regarding the issue.

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