Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Blogging Experience

I cannot believe that the semester is coming to an end already! This semester has just flown by and it is crazy to think that this is my last semester on campus ever. After PSIII, I will be finished my post-secondary education!

I enjoyed this blogging experience so much. Not only was I excited to express my own views and opinions in my blog, but I also thoroughly enjoyed reading my classmates' blogs and commenting on them. I liked that we had the option to post a comment on a classmate's blog instead of posting our own. I tried to do this at least once a week to fulfill the requirements of this assignment but also to enrich my experience with the assignment. I also made an effort to respond to the comments left on my blog. It was a great way to have discussions outside of class and to see things from another person's perspective. I also appreciated all of the comments that my classmates made on my blog. I feel as though I benefited greatly from using this blog as an outlet for my ideas because I am not as keen to express my opinions in class. I think this allowed everyone to have a voice and that is so important.

I hope that you all enjoyed reading this blog as much as I enjoyed reading yours. I definitely gained a lot from your ideas and feel that I got a lot out of this experience!

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  1. "it is crazy to think that this is my last semester on campus ever." absolutely crazy. Not going to happen. You will be back for your masters, guaranteed.

    So, is there a place for blogging in PSIII? Would it cut down on the sense of isolation to have access to other PSIII's blogs and vice versa? Or would it just be one more distraction, one more hoop?


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